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Creative Workshops with Clare Lowe

About Clare


I am an artist & writer from Bristol, with a foundation in Art Therapy and working towards becoming an Art Therapist.
I am passionate about the importance of mental health discourse and the potential that creativity holds in helping us process and express the stresses and concerns facing us all in modern life.

I have a BA in Art & Aesthetics specialising in Creative Writing and enjoy creating strange and wonderful worlds within my own art and writing practice. 


About the workshops

Each of these workshops focus on the practice of being creative rather than teaching artistic techniques. It's a chance for you to focus on something creative in a safe, accessible and encouraging space at affordable prices.

Children's workshops (50 mins) 
These are creative spaces made for children and are offered on a 1 to 1 or group basis. 
These sessions are all about encouragement and confidence building using art and creative writing.
We draw, paint, write  poetry, make comic books, explore story telling, character creation, world building and more! 

In 2020 I started working with Bristol Adventurers Guild providing group sessions in creative writing for the National Autistic Society and one to ones with a number of children, providing a safe, fun and creative space for them to explore their own stories and characters. 


 I now work closely with parents and set personal, flexible goals for children.

These are currently run online through Skype or Zoom.

I have a current CRB/DBS check and always welcome parents to sit in sessions.

These sessions are £10 per child per group session 
£20 per child per one to one session 

(Prices vary dependent on timescale of  the session) 

Want to know more about these ? Please get in touch.

Adult Workshops (1hr - 90min workshops) 
These workshops can be booked for an organisation or a one to one basis. 
Made with creativity in mind and a moment to pause.
With all the pressures we put on ourselves it's important to take some time off.

I run themed sessions that are based on art history movements or individual artists as a starting point, with a number of tasks designed to help us process and explore potential bottled up emotions or just simply have time to create and enjoy mark making. 
For my latest bookable sessions please see here
If you are interested in hearing more about these please get in touch
Bespoke workshops
I can also create bespoke workshops with your theme as a starting point.
Please get in touch if you would like to know more about these. 

All these sessions start at £15 per person, per session.

One to One's 
I also offer 1 to 1 sessions for adults that are struggling in their artistic practice, are looking for some time to themselves to refresh and relax or would just like to start creating and don't know where to start. This is for people who would like to share and thoughts with someone and have the space (whether one off or regularly) to explore a creative outlet. 
One to ones are offered at £20 per session.
Interested? Please get in touch


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About Me
About the Workshops

Current Bookable workshops 


Book your session with Yuup! 


I now have Friday & weekend sessions through Yuup. 

All hosted at the beautiful Bridge Farm Community in Bristol and £15pp. 

Suitable for adults & children over 8. 
Great family & friends activity. 

Check out the latest sessions here.


1647855503-Summer 2022 cover image no dates.jpg

Bristol Folk House 

I run creative adults for adults at Bristol Folk house during their spring/summer and autumn terms. 

You can take a look at which ones are currently bookable here.


Book Online

Art History themed


Sophie Miles 
University of Bath -
Communications Assistant

"Clare designed a bespoke art workshop for the University of Bath for LGBT+ History Month on the theme of identity. Clare was excellent at communicating with me to understand our requirements, and made sure the workshop was accessible to as many people as possible through minimal equipment requirements. On the day Clare was excellent, they made everybody feel welcomed, supported, and able to share their thoughts and feelings through art, with the group. Clare has a way of creating a safe space where everybody feels comfortable I highly recommend Clare's workshops."


My 11-year-old son really doesn't like doing sitting-down work. Even fun projects I try to bring to the table are met with moans and resistance. Often resulting in us butting heads and really not getting very far. About 3 months ago another HE parent in this group recommended Clare Lowe. Wow - they are amazing. Their ability to totally engage in my son's world fiction and fantasy without their head exploding is nothing short of a miracle. Clare spent a good couple of sessions getting to know him and working out what makes him tick and his interests. It is the highlight of my son's week. He has created his own fantasy board game - Dungeons and Dragons style. He's designed all of the characters, their backstories, the board-game map and will be working on the rule book to go with it all. It's involved reading, writing, imagination, negotiation, structure plus much more. The best bit is that Clare will tailor her sessions to suit each individual child. I honestly can't recommend them highly enough.


Both my children attend one to one sessions with Clare, and they find them really enjoyable and fulfilling. The eldest works with Clare on his creative writing, and the weekly sessions have enabled him to grow in confidence and develop his skills to write the stories he wants to write. The youngest started painting figures, but Clare is always flexible in their approach, allowing him to write or tell stories, when this suits his needs on a particular day. As he is Autistic, I sit with him in the sessions, and we both look forward to them each week. Clare is truly skilled, with such a kind nature, making their sessions very special.

8 yrs old

" The best thing about Clare's sessions (apart from Clare them self! ) is making up new worlds and bringing them to life through stories, poems, drawings and maps! Clare is fun, lovely and totally brilliant, and Creative Writing with them has definitely helped me pour my imagination out onto a page! I think anyone can write amazing stories if they try hard enough with Clare's help!''

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